Abnegation. Amity. Candor. Dauntless. Erudite. 5 Factions. Some will fit one. Some will be Factionless. Some will be Divergent.

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1Queen's Court Empty Queen's Court on Thu Jan 16, 2014 11:48 pm

.:Anna "Lupa"  T. “Nightflare” Highspeak:.
Queen's Court Tumblr_mqg09g3XUC1rt7weko1_250
Name: Lupa Tala Nightflare
Age/Birthday: 17/  May 25
Gender: Female
Mother:Ella Highspeak (Deceased)
Father:Wolfe Highspeak (Deceased)
Sister:Ashley Highspeak(29)(Married)(Candor)
Original Faction:Candor
Faction Transfered To: Dauntless
Brief History: Lupa’s firmest memory occurred when she was five years old.  Her family’s dwelling caught on fire in the night.  Her father died in the flames to get the family out, and her mother died soon after from smoke inhalation.  Ashley, at the age of seventeen, had just moved into her own Candor home, but gladly took in her younger sister.  The girl often had nightmares of being burned alive, and would awake screaming even after years had gone by.  Soon, Anna (as she was still called then) grew up, still having nightmares and waking her sister in the middle of the night.  Once Ashley got married, Anna realized she could’ve been a burden to her sister.  She wanted Ashley to be able to have a family; one that didn’t shake her from bed with a feeling of death about her.  She knew what she had to do.
Anna chose Dauntless; chose to face her fears.  She also chose a new name: Lupa Nightflare (the last name was chosen as a reference to her constant nightmares).  Her initiation was a tough one; having to deal with flames every other day.  But she made it through.  She’s now a newly accredited member of the Dauntless faction, and quite enjoys her home.
Physical Appearance: Lupa stands about 5’7” with brunette hair that falls just past her shoulders.  Her eyes are a dark brown that complements her skin tone in such a way that makes her striking.  But the real noticeable thing about her is the vast amount of black ink that covers her.  The first she has is a scarf of flames that wrap around her neck and spread outwards.  Her right wrist bares the design of a chain, while her left forearm bares the symbol of Candor.  These three tattoos mark some of her greatest fears, which is why they were the first she had herself branded with.
Personality: Despite being a Candor, Lupa was never a very honest person.  She figured out from a very young age what her tells were, and how to use them to confuse people.  She was always very secretive and that’s how she developed a hate for the truth serum; it was the only thing that could unravel her.  
When she joined Dauntless, she opened up.  A lot.  She had chosen to start life anew, and decided to be the friendly character that knew how to help everyone out.  But she’s still dishonest, and keeps her past hidden.  To her, a new life also meant no history.
Flaw:  Though she tries to be the friendly person, she’s very dishonest and untrusting, and if she’s not careful, that will turn around on her quickly.
Fears: Fire is her largest fear.  She also has smaller fears: utter darkness, the truth serum, being unable to control her own body, and suffocation.   Plus many more that can’t be faced by the fear serum.
Talents:Her body type is designed more for running than fighting, so her greatest talent doesn’t lie within close combat, though she does it well.  Lupa’s an excellent marksman with a gun, very good at lying, and also has a knack for most music.  
Other:FC is Victoria Justice

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2Queen's Court Empty Re: Queen's Court on Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:13 pm

Lupa is accepted! Welcome to DivergentRP! Smile

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3Queen's Court Empty Re: Queen's Court on Wed Jan 29, 2014 9:36 pm

.:Julia "Gem" Hannah Ashford:.
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Julia "Gem" H. Ashford
17/ May 26
Mother&Father, Brother: Daniel "Wolf" "Stryker" Ashford
Original Faction:
Faction Transfered To:
Brief History:
Julia had always loved Amity, and seemed to fit in well.  The truth was opposite for her older brother, Daniel, who loved to break the rules in every which way possible.  Despite this, she always looked up to Daniel, and often dreamed about being brave enough to copy him.  So, naturally, when he chose Dauntless, so did she.
After the Choosing Ceremony,  Julia met a girl from Candor on the train.  Together, they jumped into the pit first, something that had never happened before.  Yeah, they were awesome.  Anyway, the two girls got pretty close for a while.  They were both top of the class, though the Candor girl was slightly ahead.  And then, about two weeks in, something happened.
While jumping off a train back onto the Dauntless compound, she lost her balance and landed at a bad angle.  Her leg was broken in such a way that it would always be permanently damaged.  She was given some medical treatment, then cast out.  Factionless.  Yep, the Dauntless are cruel.
She hadn't even had a chance to meet up with her brother yet.
Physical Appearance:
Gem, as she began to call herself as soon as she arrived in Dauntless,  Is a relatively average sized girl, 5'6" and a healthy weight.  She wears her blonde hair long and down unless she's around a fire, which is rare these days.  She prefered to wear the Red and Yellow of Amity, and so now she does, 'cause she doesn't belong to Dauntless.  Her left leg is crooked from her injury, and she often has other cuts and bruises from living without a faction.  Her eyes are blue.
Despite having her life nearly completely destroyed, Gem is still kind at heart.  At heart, of course, means hiding behind a very tough outer shell.  She now tends to be short tempered and verbally violent.  But her Amity center usually keeps her from actually physically harming anyone.  Of course, these actions are usually reserved for strangers; people she knows well get to glimpse inside to see her kinder self.
Gem tends to be hot tempered and insulting when she doesn't know someone who gives her a hard time.  This makes her seem violent and hostile.  Naturally, that leads to problems later
She has a fear of bats, large dogs, and lightning storms. There are others, but she isn't Dauntless anymore, so it's not needed to go on
Fist fighting, growing things, and knife throwing, to name a few
FC is Meaghan Martin

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4Queen's Court Empty Re: Queen's Court on Mon Feb 03, 2014 9:08 pm

Accepted, but please let us know if there's anything you think might be going too far with the factionless thing. Razz Thanks!

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