Abnegation. Amity. Candor. Dauntless. Erudite. 5 Factions. Some will fit one. Some will be Factionless. Some will be Divergent.

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Sorella's Export~

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WELCOME fanciness here and there blah blah

I will make a purdy intro and post here when I get more time


[font=Brush Script Std][size=24][color=their color]First and Last Name[/font][/size][/color]
[img]image here[/img][/center]
[left][size=24][color=their color][font=Brush Script Std].:Basics:.[/font][/color][/size]
[font=candara][color=their color][font=Brush Script Std][b]Name:[/b][/font] [color=black]Name[/color]
[font=Brush Script Std][b]Age/Birthday:[/b][/font] [color=black]Age, Birthday[/color]
[font=Brush Script Std][b]Gender:[/b][/font] [color=black]Lemme guess... Female?[/color]
[font=Brush Script Std][b]Original Faction:[/b][/font] [color=black]Faction Here[/color]
[font=Brush Script Std][b]Faction Transferred To:[/b][/font] [color=black]N/A or Faction Here[/color][/font][/color][/left]
[center][font=Brush Script Std][size=24][color=their color].:History:.[/color][/font][/size]
[font=Brush Script Std][color=their color][b]Family:[/b][/font][/color] [font=candara]Blah Blah Blah[/font]
[font=Brush Script Std][color=their color][b]Brief History:[/b][/font][/color] [font=candara]Blah Blah Blah[/font][/center] 
[left][font=Brush Script Std][color=their color][size=24].:Appearance and Personality:.[/size][/color][/font]
[font=Brush Script Std][color=their color][b]Personality:[/b][/font][/color] [font=candara]Blah Blah Blah [/font]
[font=Brush Script Std][color=their color][b]Flaw:[/b][/font][/color][font=candara]Le Flaw[/font]
[font=Brush Script Std][color=their color][b]Talents:[/b][/font][/color] [font=candara]Le Talents[/font]
[font=Brush Script Std][color=their color][b]Physical Appearance:[/b][/font][/color] [font=candara]Yada Yada Yada.[/font] 
[font=Brush Script Std][color=#their color][b]Face Claim:[/b][/font][/color][font=candara] Le Face Claim[/font][/left]

Borrowed the code from Lily it aint mine yo!

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2Sorella's Export~ Empty Re: Sorella's Export~ on Sat Jan 18, 2014 5:20 am

Meghan Elizabeth Kingsley
Sorella's Export~ Tumblr_mcpa7xHfzg1r7p0d2o1_r3_500
Name: Meghan Elizabeth Kingsley
Age/Birthday: Seventeen years old and she was born on April 24th.
Gender: Female
Original Faction: Abnegation
Faction Transferred To: Erudite

Family: Alistair Kingsley - Father
Anastasia Kingsley - Mother
Charlotte Kingsley - Little sister.

Brief History: Meghan grew up in a lovely and close nit family. Her parents were both the perfect abnegation couple and they had a high standard in the Abnegation community. They tried for years and years to get a baby. Especially a baby boy, they wanted someone to carry on the family name but they were very disappointed when they ended up with a daughter, but they figured they still had time to try for a boy later on anyways and they appreciated their new daughter they had gained, and they had named her Meghan. When Meghan was at the age of one and a half, that was when her little sister Charlotte was born. The two would do a lot of things together as young infants but when Meghan was five and Charlotte was four, Meghan was jealous and hated Charlotte for being around. Meghan tried to shove her around and stuff, but soon her parents had a stern talking to her and soon her and her sister were best friends again and they were happy and they eventually got really close.

There came up a conversation when Meghan was fifteen about her father and mother talking about a perfect suitor for her and who she should marry. They sat her down at the table one evening and they had application type things in front of them, and they wanted her to meet all these boys and then decide which one she'd have liked to marry when the time came up. Of course, Meghan tried to argue she'd like freedom in who she married but her and her father had a heated conversation. Her mother tried to think about both of their needs but Alistair had told her to shut up and go to the other room. Alistair wasn't known for a bit of physical abuse but he had grabbed Meghan by the hair making her cry out and he told her she was going to be in an arranged marriage and she was going to stay Abnegation or else he'd basically disown her. That whole night, Meghan cried but she never told her sister the whole intent of what their father did, because Meghan believed the man shouldn't be blamed for an action that was provoked and only happened the one time, she also didn't feel like frightening her younger sister. Eventually though Meghan met those boys anyways and she had to choose, she eventually chose a guy named Calvin Kier. Neither of them really wanted it but they had to spend a lot of time with each other.

After awhile her and Calvin did become friends and eventually, Meghan did have slight feelings for him but they both decided that they needed to get away from their parents and each other. So after they had done their test at school, they got their results and neither of them belonged in Abnegation. Calvin had made up his mind and so did Meghan. When it came time for the choosing ceremony, they both had to be brave and do what they had to do. Calvin had gone first and he had chosen Dauntless to go into. They weren't too mad at Calvin and soon they figured that Meghan would just follow him into the whole Dauntless thing and they could still get married. They were wrong those, when Meghan went up she chose Erudite and the whole crowd gasped and were in shock. Her father wouldn't talk to her after that, she was already being disowned.

Although, her and Calvin still stay in contact some days and they visit each other on visiting day, although they know they wont be able to do with it forever, they still do, and they both have feelings for each other. They've shared a lot of moments together and they enjoy each others company. They don't know how long they'll be able to keep it up, sometimes they talk about going factionless but they know it's no good, Sometimes, Calvin and Meghan wish they had just gone to the same faction but they knew this was the only way to be away from their parents pressure and their constant breathing down their necks.


.:Appearance and Personality:.
Personality: Meghan is the type of girl who is a very intelligent girl, she had brains the whole time but being in abnegation she never really lived up to those expectations of being smart, because that wasn't what mattered at all. She was taught the abnegation ways and as of today they are still apart of who her personality is. She is very caring and and loyal to people when she needs to be but she also has the common sense not to just trust anyone out there. She has a certain way she brings herself across, she is very confident and she's headstrong, and she debates about what she believes is right and she stands up for it. She has the strength to do it.

Meghan is all about freedom and she hates feeling caged, she would be devastated if she had no say in anything, she needs to have the freedom to do and feel what she wants and that's why her and her father don't see eye to eye because he likes to control and he doesn't like anyone else having a control over their life, plus Meghan believes that her father is too, old fashioned, although Meghan is again like an abnegation in the fact that's she's not very selfish and she'll put others before herself, but that was due to being around her mother for so long.

Flaw:She's horrid at dancing and she's useless when it comes to artistic skills also. She has a scar on her back that is her major weak point, and anyone could knock her down with it but not many people know of it.
Fears:Wasps, spiders, burning alive, caged, locked down, pain, being alone, change, and her father.
Talents: Writing, debating, retaining information.
Physical Appearance: Meghan gets her looks of blonde hair from her mother. Before being in Abnegation and not having any mirrors that you were allowed to look in she had still known she had looked like her mother somewhat but it wasn't until she transferred and saw who she really was to know she took a lot after her mother. Meghan, has blue eyes that are always filled with emotion and expression, and they are the central way into knowing how she really feels deep down. Meghan has a small and slender frame. She weighs about a hundred and eighteen pounds and she's about the height of five foot six, standing at an average height, compared to most girls. Her hair is about shoulder length and it has a natural undertone of dark hair in it, making her hair seem a bit dirty blondish. She has a light skin tone, and isn't very tan, nor does she try to be.  
Theme Song:Wake Me Up - Avicci
Face Claim: Dakota Fanning

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Alice Walker
Sorella's Export~ Tumblr_louphuTRTV1qlphkg
Sorella's Export~ Tumblr_m1kdymDeW31r01pla
Name: Alice Kaia Walker
Age/Birthday: Sixteen, July 27th
Gender: Female
Original Faction: Candor
Faction Transferred To: Dauntless
Family: Austin Walker - Father
Bianca Walker - Mother (deceased)
Jet Walker - Older brother
Kathrine "Katie" Walker - Older sister
Logan Walker - Twin brother

Brief History: Blah Blah Blah
.:Appearance and Personality:.
Personality: Blah Blah Blah
Flaw:Le Flaw
Fears:Le Flaw
Talents: Hand to hand combat, strategies, and gymnastics.
Physical Appearance: Yada Yada Yada.
Theme Songs:Fully Alive - Flyleaf
Heart Breaker - Marina and The Diamonds
Blown Away - Carrie Underwood

Face Claim: Le Face Claim
Sorella's Export~ Tumblr_m1ke042Kfe1r01pla
Sorella's Export~ Tumblr_m8ga9k5kWU1ruiwgy


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