Abnegation. Amity. Candor. Dauntless. Erudite. 5 Factions. Some will fit one. Some will be Factionless. Some will be Divergent.

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Rccheetah's cast and crew

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Welcome Guest!

Here you will find all my characters. I hope you like them!
And by the way, these are the first characters on the site. Enjoy!

1. Alex Peters
1. Tobias Eaton
Faction Leaders:

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๑Alex Peters๑
Rccheetah's cast and crew LTPdaJzu
Name: Alex Peters
Age/Birthday: 16, January 26th
Gender: Male
Family:Samuel Peters
He is Alex's father. Samuel is 51 years old. Samuel is married to Meg Peters.
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Meg Peters
Meg is Alex's mother. She is 48 years old. Meg is married to Samuel Peters.
Rccheetah's cast and crew Hsa-head-shot2

Cap Peters
Cap is Alex's older brother. He is 18 years old. Cap switched  to Candor.
Rccheetah's cast and crew Gift-ideas-18yearold-boy-800x800

Original Faction: Amity
Faction Transfered From: N/A
Brief History: Alex loved his family. They were loving, caring, and sweet to both Cap and Alex. Alex was taught how to remain peaceful as a young boy. However Alex was always a little daredevil. He enjoyed causing trouble and doing dangerous things that his faction wouldn't approve of. Though, Alex still loved music and even learned how to play the guitar. Alex enjoyed picking fruit and doing little fun things with his friends and family. It stayed that way until Alex's older brother Cap turned 16. The day of the Choosing Ceremony, Alex's older brother Cap chose Candor. For a few months after that, Alex's parents only pretended to be peaceful. They were hardly ever calm and would yell a lot. But after a while they calmed down again, but ignored and still do ignore Cap. What Alex is really afraid of, is that he is that deep inside him, Alex is the opposite of peaceful. 
Physical Appearance: Alex is casually handsome. His hair is a nice dirty blonde color. Alex's hair is shaggy and he usually keeps it pushed to the side and messy. His eyebrows are full and have the same nice color as his hair. Alex's eyebrows are long which make everybody jealous of them. His eyes change their color to his mood. If he is happy, his eyes are blue. If Alex is sad, his eyes are gray. If Alex is envious then his eyes are green. If Alex is merciless his eyes are a light brown. Alex's nose is average size and leads down to his full lips that are a delicate light pink color. Alex definitely has some color, he is tan. Alex has a lot of muscles that don't show, but you can tell that he has muscles and is strong.
Personality: It's extremely hard for Alex to stay still. He has to be doing something, Alex is very active. He likes doing dangerous and risky things, and causing trouble. However Alex has a sweet side. He is a fantastic guitarist and singer. He likes being alone or with one or two of his friends. Alex can be a really sweet and caring boy, but he does crazy and fun things that are thrilling. Alex also has a serious side. If things are going really bad he'll try to fix things no matter what the cost. If somebody is in danger that could cost them their lives, Alex will try to save the person or do anything to prevent it.
Flaw: Can be too rowdy at times.
Talents: Singing, Guitar, Brave, Kind
Other: Play-by is Mitch Hewer
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❧тσЪ¡คร (ƒσuя) εคтσห❧


Name: Tobias Eaton
Age: 18
Birthday: Not mentioned. 
Gender Male
pнყร¡cคł คppεяคหcε

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Fair white skin
Overall Description: Tobias is causally handsome. His hair is dark brown and usually messy or pushed up. Tobias's eyebrows are bushy and have the same mysterious color as his hair. Tobias's eyes have long eyelashes and are oval shaped. His eyes are a nice light brown color. Tobias has a nose that is a little small, but overall fits his face well. Tobias's lips are full and have a light pink color to them. Tobias has flat checks wih high cheekbones that make him very attractive. He is a tan guy, no doubt.Tobias's skin is very soft and clear, it's smooth. He has several tattoos on him, mostly on his chest and back though.
pεяรσหคł ł¡ƒε

Family: Marcus Eaton, Evelyn Eaton
Original Faction: Abnegation
Faction Transfered To: Dauntless
History: Tobias was born in Abnegation with his two parents Marcus and Evelyn. His father abused him; mostly whipping. So eventually Tobias's mother supposedly died, leaving Tobias with his worst nightmare. Marcus. So when he turned 16 and went to the choosing ceremony Tobias chose Dauntless.  He ranked first in initiation and was offered the job of faction leader. But Tobias refused the job an took a different job where he trained and worked with the initiates of each year. It went on normally until Tobias was 18 and he met Tris. After he met Tris, everything changed.

Main Traits: Protective, Serious, Brave, Careful
Three Words to Describe: Protects, Fighter, Strong
Flaw: Has trust issues
Overall Description: Tobias will most definitely do everything he can  to protect the ones he loves. For example, he does his best to protect and keep Tris safe. Also, Tobias tries to be as careful as possible. In this world, one false step coil mean your death, and Tobias is very careful about that. He is very serious too and believes that joking around is something to be  done when the world is peaceful. However Tobias also has some problems trusting people. He likes to hear the truth, however doesn't like to give the truth. Tobias is a fighter, he will fight his way through to make sure everything is ok. Tobias is also very strong as he is a fighter.

Talents: Tobias is very smart, skilled, and is very good when it comes to fighting and weapons.
Favorites: Not Mentioned. 
Anything Else: Tobias was thinking about becoming faction less before he met Tris. Tobias is in a relationship with Tris (Beatrice) Prior.  
Play-by: Max Irons

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