Abnegation. Amity. Candor. Dauntless. Erudite. 5 Factions. Some will fit one. Some will be Factionless. Some will be Divergent.

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1Lily's Laboratory! Empty Lily's Laboratory! on Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:44 pm

Welcome to...
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Lily's Laboratory! Create.php?text=Characters%3A&name=Yesterday%20Again
Bea Hawthorne
Skylar Day
Audrey Lightman
Scarlett Giddings
Carson Riley(Needs Acceptance)
Character Six
Character Seven

Lily's Laboratory! Create.php?text=Face%20Claims%3A&name=Yesterday%20Again
Alyson Hannigan
Hayley Williams
Erica Dasher
Taylor Swift
Sarah Hyland
Chloe Mortez
Amanda Seyfried(This one's pretty flexible)
Kaya Scodelario

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Lily's Laboratory! Create.php?text=Bea%20Hawthorne&name=balker
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_ls4y1oIEt81qg80h7o1_250
Name: Bea Hawthorne
Age/Birthday: 16, July 15th
Gender: Female
Original Faction: Candor
Faction Transferred To: N/A
Family: Elizabeth Hawthorne
ELizabeth, or "Liz", was born in a small Candor apartment. Her parents had next to nothing at the time. Liz was always grateful when she did get toys and things. As Liz grew older, her parents told her that she would have to pay for clothes herself. So, Liz got a job at the Merciless Mart. She helped a man named Joe Macabee sell boots. It didn't pay much, but it was enough. Until Liz's mother died. Liz's father could only pay half of everything. Liz had to take her mothers place and get a new job. Liz was scared. She had learned to be very independent because of her childhood, but she had just lost her mother and she didn't know if she could get a good job at just 16. Liz applied everywhere she could. After a month of having to live in her grandmother's apartment, she found a job. Liz would work as a clerk at a big supermarket in the Merciless Mart. Liz had only worked for a month when the Choosing Ceremony came. Liz wanted so bad to go somewhere else and get a fresh start. But, she couldn't leave her father and her aptitude was Candor. Liz chose Candor and came out at the top of her class. She was able to get a job as the secretary to the leader of Candor. Liz was overjoyed. But, just as things were looking up, her father died. Liz wanted to quit her job and just cry, but she couldn't afford to. She kept working, although she wasn't happy. But, then Liz met Johnathan Hawthorne. Johnathan had a job as a security guard at Candor. Liz met him when she left her glasses at work and had to go in to get them. Johnathan wouldn't let her in, but Liz insisted. Liz eventually got her way and then Johnathan asked Liz out for coffee. In just 4 months, Liz was engaged. After they were married, Liz had Bea. Liz is determined to give Bea a better life than she had.

Brief History: Bea had an average childhood. She lived in a small, 2 bedroom house. The house's walls alternated color; black, white, black, white. Bea's room was the only room that wasn't black and white. On Bea's 6th birthday she had insisted on painting the walls hot pink. Her mother eventually gave in. Bea and her parents went to the Merciless Mart and bought the brightest pink paint they could find. They spent hours painting Bea's room. This is one of Bea's favorite family memories.
When Bea turned 13, her father died of a stroke. Bea was with her father in the hospital when he died. She has been afraid of hospitals ever since. Bea became extremely shy and guarded. She almost never spoke up, even to her mother. Bea spent all her free time reading. She found a love for knowledge. Bea quickly ran out of books to read. So, she started memorizing them. Bea would spend hours memorizing chapter after chapter and book after book.
Bea's mother started worrying about her. She would try to get Bea to socialize with other kids, but Bea wouldn't. But, then Bea met Sarah.
Sarah went to school with Bea but they had never really talked before. But, when Bea was looking for a new book and Sarah was reading and walking. Sarah accidentally bumped into Bea. They became best friends after just a bit.
Sarah has sand colored hair and bright blue eyes. She is rather slender and very tall. Sarah looks almost nothing like Bea. Bea and Sarah would do everything together. Sarah wants to go to Erudite when she turns 16. Bea and Sarah would quiz each other on random book quotes. They would never fight, they would almost always agree. They could talk for hours, about books or science. Now Bea and Sarah are looking forward to their aptitude tests next year.

.:Appearance and Personality:.
Personality: Bea is a bookworm. She loves knowledge and is a natural Erudite. She is incredibly curious and asks lots of questions. While she is a natural Erudite, she is anything but a natural Candor. Bea wants to have some secrets. She doesn't want to always tell others what she's feeling, unless it's Sarah. Bea is very shy but the right person can bring her out of her shell. Bea hates the trains and finds most Dauntless arrogant. She also thinks of most Candor as obnoxious. As mentioned before, Bea is very afraid of hospitals. Every time she's in one, all she can think is about her father. Bea is especially nervous around boys. She can barely speak around them. After all, Bea can already barely speak to other girls. Bea is often taunted for being so shy and rather nerdy. Sarah is very encouraging to Bea and can always put her in a good mood. Bea is very guarded and not quick to trust. She has to get to know a person before she can really be honest with them. Bea even keeps some things from Sarah.
Flaw:Bea is deathly afraid of the trains and hospitals.
Talents: Bea is very smart and logical about things. She has a knack for memorizing things.
Physical Appearance: Bea has stormy grey eyes. She has long red hair that falls a past her shoulders. Bea is very pale and thin, making her look weak and fragile. Bea has rosy pink lips and thin eyebrows. Bea is very short for her age. Bea sticks to t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. She hates girls that are always looking in mirrors and going shopping for clothes. Bea often puts her hair back in a pony tail. Her hair is also very thick and difficult to brush. Bea's hands are always very cold, like marble. Bea never wears makeup or jewelery. She doesn't think much of her appearance. She doesn't really care for fashion.
Face Claim: Bea's Face Claim is Alyson Hannigan.

[font=Brush Script Std][size=24][color=#cc6666]Bea Hawthorne[/font][/size][/color]
[font=candara][color=#cc6666][size=18]"[i]A[/i] [i]g[/i]oo[i]d[/i] b[i]o[/i]o[i]k[/i] [i]i[/i][i]s[/i] l[i]i[/i][i]k[/i][i]e[/i] [i]a[/i] [i]g[/i]o[i]o[/i][i]d[/i] f[i]r[/i]i[i]e[/i][i]n[/i]d."[/size][/color]
[size=13][color=black]Place Text Here [color=#cc6666]"Speak up!"[/color][/color][/size][/font][/justify][/center]

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Lily's Laboratory! Create.php?text=Skylar%20Day&name=Thirsty%20for%20Souls
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_lwbd99PGth1qkxsfpo1_500
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_m1ghx2BcNW1qf3c5io1_r1_500
Name: I'm Skylar Day.
Age/Birthday: I'm 16, and I was born on June 9th.
Gender: What do you think? I'm a girl!
Original Faction: Dauntless
Faction Transferred To: Dauntless, I just finished initiation, top of my class.
Family: Well, there's my mom, Jennifer Day. She looks just like me but with bright green eyes, like a cat's. She was born Dauntless and has been ever since. Her dad was a leader until he got really old and started gettin' loopy. My mom owns the tattoo parlor, just like her mom. Then there's my dad, George Day. He's never really around much because he works as a night guard so whenever I'm awake, he's sleeping and when I'm sleeping he's awake. My dad looks NOTHING like me. He's got curly grey hair that falls a bit past his ears. He's really buff looking and the fact that he's almost totally covered in tattoos contributes to that factor. I don't honestly know him that well. I do know that his parents both died when he was really young. Then his aunt took him in. But, a couple years ago, she died and he was totally depressed about it. I mean, he didn't show it, he's Dauntless, duh! But, you could tell that there was something really wrong. He's okay now, though, that was really just a phase. Last and DEFINITELY least, is my brother Ken. Ken's 8 years old and he's like a little devil. Lucky for him, he's me to "teach him a lesson" once in a while. He's SO annoying too! He's always complaining because my mom won't let him get a tattoo. He wants to get a big dragon all the way up his arm. I personally think that's a stupid idea. My first tattoo was "Fire" in Chinese on my wrist. Small, but effective. I plan to get more.
Brief History: Ever since I was little I've been helping my mom out at the tattoo parlor. At first it was just small stuff, like sweeping. But, pretty soon I was actually giving people tattoos. Nothing huge, just small stuff, like birds or hearts or stars. That was when I was around 10 or 11. As you can imagine, I can do all the stuff now. Working at a tattoo parlor in Dauntless, you get to know everybody. My dad was never really around so working was sort of my escape. I mean, yeah, I missed him. But, if you tell anybody... you better sleep with one eye open, buster!

.:Appearance and Personality:.
Personality: Well, I'm definitely someone you don't want as an enemy. I hate simulations, though. I'm fine with combat and the fear landscape, but simulations give me the creeps. I'm not the kind of person who backs down from a challenge, though. I hate Erudite. They're SO annoying. I've got pretty good aim with a gun.
Flaw: I'm impatient and stubborn.
Talents: I'm good with a gun and I'm also a good tattoo artist. I could also beat most people up.
Physical Appearance: Well, that's kinda hard to explain, 'cause I have a new hair color every couple weeks. But, I'll do my best. At the moment, I've got dark red hair that I dyed myself. I also have side bangs that usually fall across the right side of my face. I'm really scrawny looking, but I could beat you bloody if you crossed me. I've got blue eyes, but sometimes I'll put in color contacts and stuff. I'm average height at around 5"5'. Oh, can't forget my tattoo! Like I said before, it's "Fire" in Chinese on my wrist. I guess I'm okay looking. I mean, I'm not butt ugly or anything.
Face Claim Skylar's face claim is Hayley Williams.
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_lyipmqGF2z1qf3c5io1_500
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_lyhbdkt7ka1qf3c5io1_500
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_lwrthwlkiP1qf3c5io1_500
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_lr7psvt24t1qf3c5io1_500
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_lojxvpA9zq1qf3c5io1_500
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_loill5eqQp1qf3c5io1_500
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_ljzbaegcDQ1qf3c5io1_500
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_ljvb8vzKsK1qf3c5io1_500
Lily's Laboratory! 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_ly7otcH9CJ1r5g27io2_500

[center][color=#99ff33][font=cracked][size=24]Skylar Day[/color][/font]
[font=cracked][color=black]"You don't want to cross me."[/color][/font][/size]
[font=candara]text text text. blah blah blah.[/font][/center]

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Audrey Lightman
Lily's Laboratory! 777030-9-1328106863188_large
Name: Audrey Lightman
Age/Birthday: 18, October 14th
Gender: Female
Family: Sarah Lightman is Audrey's mother. She's almost 50 and she lives in Erudite. Sarah stays at home with her 13 year old son, Charles "Charlie" Lightman. Charlie is extremely bright and a perfect Erudite, like his mother and father. Audrey's father is Mark Lightman. Mark works in one of the computer labs in Erudite.
Original Faction: Erudite
Faction Transferred To: Abnegation
Brief History: Audrey grew to be very protective over Charlie. She loved him and her family and she didn't want to leave them. She had a very normal childhood for someone from Erudite. When she turned 16, she had her mind set on choosing Erudite. But, when her aptitude test turned up Abnegation, she realized that she wanted to go to Abnegation more than anything else. So, she did. Audrey passed initiation easily. She is now working toward being one of the leaders of Abnegation. She does this by going down to the Factionless almost every few days.
Physical Appearance: Audrey had light blonde hair that is always tied back in a braid or bun. She has bright blue eyes and brown eyebrows. She is always wearing grey. Audrey is short and she looks much younger than she is. She has barely seen her reflection since she left Erudite, but she doesn't mind. Audrey always has perfect posture. She is very skinny and has pale skin with rosy cheeks.
Personality: Audrey is very sweet and helpful. She is very bright and knowledgeable as well. She enjoys volunteering and helping others. Audrey can be a bit curious sometimes. But, she does her best not to be. Audrey can be scolding, but she is very friendly too.
Flaw: Audrey can be curious and isn't very strong.
Talents: Audrey is a natural leader and she is also very smart. Audrey is very selfless and sweet.
Other: None.

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All accepted

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[font=Brush Script Std][size=24][color=their color]First and Last Name[/font][/size][/color]
[img]image here[/img][/center]
[left][size=24][color=their color][font=Brush Script Std].:Basics:.[/font][/color][/size]
[font=candara][color=their color][font=Brush Script Std][b]Name:[/b][/font] [color=black]Name[/color]
[font=Brush Script Std][b]Age/Birthday:[/b][/font] [color=black]Age, Birthday[/color]
[font=Brush Script Std][b]Gender:[/b][/font] [color=black]Lemme guess... Female?[/color]
[font=Brush Script Std][b]Original Faction:[/b][/font] [color=black]Faction Here[/color]
[font=Brush Script Std][b]Faction Transferred To:[/b][/font] [color=black]N/A or Faction Here[/color][/font][/color][/left]
[center][font=Brush Script Std][size=24][color=their color].:History:.[/color][/font][/size]
[font=Brush Script Std][color=their color][b]Family:[/b][/font][/color] [font=candara]Blah Blah Blah[/font]
[font=Brush Script Std][color=their color][b]Brief History:[/b][/font][/color] [font=candara]Blah Blah Blah[/font][/center] 
[left][font=Brush Script Std][color=their color][size=24].:Appearance and Personality:.[/size][/color][/font]
[font=Brush Script Std][color=their color][b]Personality:[/b][/font][/color] [font=candara]Blah Blah Blah [/font]
[font=Brush Script Std][color=their color][b]Flaw:[/b][/font][/color][font=candara]Le Flaw[/font]
[font=Brush Script Std][color=their color][b]Talents:[/b][/font][/color] [font=candara]Le Talents[/font]
[font=Brush Script Std][color=their color][b]Physical Appearance:[/b][/font][/color] [font=candara]Yada Yada Yada.[/font] 
[font=Brush Script Std][color=#their color][b]Face Claim:[/b][/font][/color][font=candara] Le Face Claim[/font][/left]

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Lily's Laboratory! Create.php?text=Scarlet%20Giddings&name=english%20essay
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_m5kq3zro1v1rwry99o2_250
Name: Scarlett "Scar" Giddings
Age/Birthday: 19, December 8th
Gender: Female
Original Faction: Amity
Faction Transferred To: Amity
Family: Darla Stephenson is Scar's mother. Darla was born in Dauntless and hated it. She couldn't fight and she was too sweet and friendly to be a Dauntless. Darla's parents were big and tough. They didn't understand Darla. They originally named her Darela but Darla changed it. When her Aptitude results came in Amity, she knew she wanted to transfer. As soon as Darla did, she knew she was where she belonged. Darla loved that they would make decisions as a whole, and that they had no leader. Then Darla fell in love with Joshua Giddings. Joshua is Scar's father. He was born in Amity and has been in Amity ever since. He loves children and farming. Joshua and Darla had a simple wedding and they had Scarlett. They loved her and tried to give and teach her the best. Shortly after they had Scarlett, they had Oliver or "Ollie", Scar's 13 year old brother. Scar is very protective over Ollie. Ollie is very silly and friendly. He is the kind of person you'd want as you tour guide, he's a great public speaker and really funny. Ollie looks a lot like Scarlett, with dark brown curly hair and chocolate brown eyes. Ollie is rather good looking. He isn't very smart, but he's a great friend.
Brief History: Scarlett always had a happy life. Her mother took great care of her, teaching her to garden and to sew. Scarlett was always very close to her mother. When Ollie was born, Scar was immediately very protective over him. She was always playing with him and looking out for him. Scar made friends easily and spent her time gardening and sewing with her mother or friends. Scar always loved Amity and when the Choosing Ceremonies came, she chose Amity. Scarlett passed initiation easily and bought a small house after. She wants to become the speaker for Amity one day. For now, she works in the Farms. Well, not exactly. She helps make food for the people who work in the Farms. Scar isn't too fond of her job, but she loves the people she works with. Scarlett has been working at the Farms since almost right after initiation. She visits her family a lot, especially Ollie.

.:Appearance and Personality:.
Personality: Scarlett is very sweet and friendly. She has a great laugh and smile. Scarlett can brighten your mood when your feeling down just my smiling or laughing. Scar is very social and giggly, but she can get crabby if she doesn't get some alone time. She is great a public speaking and acting, both of which she loves. Scar loves to garden and chat with friends. Scar is quick to trust, which could be her downfall. Scar is also very athletic and fast. She's no Dauntless, but she can defend herself.
Flaw: Scarlett is very curious and has a knack for knowing someone's hiding something. Those two traits together can often mean trouble.
Talents: Scarlett is fast and has good reflexes. She is good at gardening , public speaking, and making friends. Scar is also very motherly.
Physical Appearance: Scarlett has dark brown curly hair that is very thick. She has chocolate brown eyes that can sometimes look hazel when she's wearing anything with green. Scar has a great smile and she flashes it often. She loves to sew her own clothing, which is, of course, always red and yellow. Scarlett has milky pale skin and long dark lashes. She is very slender and rather short. Scar has rather thick eyebrows. She doesn't have much bone structure in her face, which is in the shape of a heart.
Face Claim: Erica Dasher

Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_m5nnh60NUN1qbahiyo3_250
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_m6kva0QrLz1rop78do4_r1_250
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_m6fc31dWqn1rn9f05o2_r3_250
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_m6e1h4DH1h1qbw8sko3_250
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_m6byuwVHna1qf0rpdo1_500

[center][font=Gabriola][color=hotpink][size=22]Scarlett Giddings[/size][/color]
[img]IMAGE HERE[/img]
[size=18]"Just [color=hotpink][i]smile[/i][/color] and I [color=hotpink][i]know[/i][/color] you'll feel [color=hotpink][i]better[/i][/color]."[/size][/font]

[font=candara]text text text. blah blah blah. [color=hotpink]"Talk talk talk."[/color][/font][/center]

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8Lily's Laboratory! Empty Re: Lily's Laboratory! on Thu Jul 12, 2012 5:21 pm

Scarlett is accepted.

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Lily's Laboratory! Create.php?text=Carson%20Riley&name=Windsong
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_m6lsfsV4X61qjnqapo1_500
Name: Carson Riley
Age/Birthday: 16, July 9th
Gender: Female
Original Faction: Erudite
Faction Transferred To: N/A
Family: Grace Riley
Grace is Carson's mother. She was born in Erudite to a rather wealthy family. She has straight platinum blond hair and bright blue eyes. She has the same simple laugh as Carson. Grace had most things handed to her. But, reading about all sorts of poor characters in books, she was humbled. Grace always wanted the fairytale life. To fall in love, and have a perfect family. Grace was lucky. She fell in love with James Riley. They had a princess wedding. Grace had two daughters, Carson's older sisters, but then things went wrong. James became afraid of being a father and left without another word. Grace never saw him again. Grace wanted to curl up in ball and cry her eyes out, but she had to stay strong for her daughters. Grace kept going. Soon enough, Grace had fallen in love again. She remarried to Joseph Butler. However, Grace didn't change her last name or any of her daughters'.
James Riley
James has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He is very tall and slender, to be totally honest, he's rather scrawny. James was born in Candor, but never felt quite satisfied. He yearned for knowledge. James transferred to Erudite. He got an internship in a research office. James excelled in everything and eventually met Grace. He fell head-over-heels-in love with Grace. But, he hated kids. When Grace announced that she was pregnant, he was petrified. He decided to wait and see the kids once they were born. But, he waited. But, nothing changed. He felt like he was living a lie. James was too afraid to tell Grace the truth. So, he fled. He never contacted Grace again.
Joseph Butler
Joseph, or "Joey", was born in Erudite. He was always a bright kid. Joey has sand colored hair and storm cloud grey eyes. Joey's eyelashes are dark and thick, the kind of lashes most girl would be jealous of. Joey is great with kids. He finished initiation top of his class and worked for a while. But, he was never quite happy. He was always on the look out for that special someone. Then Joey met Grace. Grace was still rather depressed because of James "abrupt exit". But, Joey made her happy and she made Joey happy. Joey is Carson's father.
Kyla "Kylie" Riley
Kylie is the oldest of the Riley girls, she is now almost 20. Kylie has wavy dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes. She knew James the best of the three girls, so naturally, she grieved him the most. Kylie is very close to her mother, since they both share the most memories of James. Carson doesn't see Kylie much, since Kylie works in the school as an instructor for initiates. But, if Carson chooses Erudite, she will see Kylie a lot more. Carson often calls her "Kylie Riley" instead of just Kylie.
Clara Riley
Clara transferred to Amity and is now 18. Clara has platinum blond hair and bangs with brown eyes. Carson never sees Clara and doesn't know her as well anymore. But, they used to be the best of friends. They would do everything together.Although, Clara despised Joey.

Brief History: Carson was born to a broken family. Clara hated Joey, thinking that no one could replace her father. Kylie thought this too, but she was welcome to change and knew that Joey would be a much better father than James. Kylie and Clara would fight all the time. Carson did her best to stay out of their fights, although they sometimes dragged her into them. Carson never had many friends. But, she didn't really care. She had her sisters, and that was all she needed. Although, Carson did sometimes get lonely. When Clara turned 16, she changed to Amity. Carson was 14 at the time and she was heartbroken. Carson was very close to Cara and couldn't imagine never seeing her again. Carson's mother was a wreck too. She had lost another one of her loved ones. Carson isn't sure which faction she'll pick on Choosing Day, but she has to keep her mother into consideration.

.:Appearance and Personality:.
Personality: Carson tends to fade into the background. She is very sweet and thoughtful. She is very bright and logical. Unlike most Erudite, she isn't very curious or loud about her thoughts and ideas. Carson an eye for detail and she enjoys art and reading. Carson is a true artist. She loves to paint and draw. She also loves to read and soak up knowledge. Carson's a huge history buff. She isn't sure which Faction she'll choose, but she has narrowed it down to Amity or Erudite. She would like Amity because of her love for the Arts, but she would miss her family and the endless knowledge at the tips of her fingers. Carson will probably decide depending on what she gets in her aptitude test.
Flaw: Carson is very guarded and not quick to trust. She is a bit anti-social and very quiet.
Talents: Carson is very smart and a talented artist and singer. She can also play the piano and knows all about history.
Physical Appearance: Carson's hair is made up of white blond ringlets. It refuses to be straight an gets very frizzy on hot days. She has pale blue eyes that only really shine under the moonlight. She has long dark lashes and rosy cheeks. She is very pretty, but no one really notices because she's so quiet. Carson is very skinny and has almost little to her shape. She is very short, at just 5"1'. Carson doesn't have much taste for fashion of any kind, and believes that buying expensive clothing is rather impractical, as most Erudites do. She mostly wear plain blue clothing, in the usual style of the other Erudite people. This makes Carson fade into the background even more. She also isn't a big fan of makeup, and usually just brushes out her curly hair and lets it fall, without putting it up in any sort of way. She can braid, but that's about all she can do other than the hair basics. Carson doesn't think much of her appearance and doesn't spend much time getting ready for the day.
Face Claim: Taylor Swift
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_m742cn7Ndb1rb1yvno1_500
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_m6ddj5YGlh1rrmgub
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_m6tqllIjBx1r7fxi0
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_m6ru5mkG141r7v5cyo2_500
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_m79dvtnwW01qmzm5ro1_500

[center][font=Century Gothic][b][color=purple][size=18]Carson Riley[/font][/b][/color][/size]
[size=13][font=candara]text text text[/font][/size][/center]

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10Lily's Laboratory! Empty Re: Lily's Laboratory! on Sat Jul 14, 2012 11:34 am

Carson is acceptted

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11Lily's Laboratory! Empty Re: Lily's Laboratory! on Sat Jul 14, 2012 5:22 pm

Lol I'm not done yet but okay!xD I haven't even started my brief history...xD

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12Lily's Laboratory! Empty Re: Lily's Laboratory! on Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:17 am

Sorry to double post, but Carson is now finished and ready to be accepted and/or asked to be changed Very Happy

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13Lily's Laboratory! Empty Re: Lily's Laboratory! on Mon Jul 30, 2012 12:38 pm

Sorry to triple post, but it has been almost 2 weeks and Carson has still not been accepted!

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14Lily's Laboratory! Empty Re: Lily's Laboratory! on Thu Aug 02, 2012 10:49 pm

Well, RC is at camp and will probably be back next week. She accepted her before, though. I am not sure if I can accept people, but if it's the same as THG, then I can, and I would totally accept her. So I think you can just go ahead and play because even if I can't accept people, she was accepted before. ^^

Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_m6pul5P2Jh1rs55b4o1_500

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15Lily's Laboratory! Empty Re: Lily's Laboratory! on Fri Aug 03, 2012 3:06 am

Just thought I'd mention this xD. Rainy, in Pip's character topic Rc told you that you can accept characters. So yeah...

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16Lily's Laboratory! Empty Re: Lily's Laboratory! on Sat Aug 04, 2012 2:40 pm

OH! Okay, thank you Bali! So, anyway, accepted! Smile

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Lily's Laboratory! Create.php?text=Charlie%20Young&name=Quilted%20Butterfly
Lily's Laboratory! Tumblr_m8emqmUn3A1rdqul2o1_500
Name: Charlotte "Charlie" Young
Age/Birthday: 15, September 3rd
Gender: Female
Original Faction: Dauntless
Faction Transferred To: N/A
Family: Tanya Young is Charlie's mother. She was born and raised in Dauntless, and is Dauntless through and through. She has long blonde hair and pretty hazel eyes. Her back is covered with various tattoos. She is skinny and awkward looking, though her legs are very muscular. Tanya is very motherly, but does not put up with back talk. She grew up in a tough family. Her parents were both alcoholics. Tanya isn't completely trusting to anyone because of this. Tanya became pregnant when she was just 17, almost right after she finished Initiation. She raised Charlie on her own, since Charlie's father was intimidated by the fact of being a father and left Tanya. Tanya works as a guard and sometimes struggles with money.
Brief History: Blah Blah Blah

.:Appearance and Personality:.
Personality: Blah Blah Blah
Flaw:Le Flaw
Talents: Le Talents
Physical Appearance: Yada Yada Yada.
Face Claim: Chloƫ Grace Mortez


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