Abnegation. Amity. Candor. Dauntless. Erudite. 5 Factions. Some will fit one. Some will be Factionless. Some will be Divergent.

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Magpie's Nest of Shiny Things

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I'll edit this later, but, uh... HAI THERE FRIEND I'M MAGPIE YOU MAY KNOW ME AS RAINY PIE/RAIN AND THESE ARE MY CHARACTERS. Thanks for coming to my thread!


One for sorrow, two for joy

la la la something here list of factions or fc's or somethin6 maybe

Three for a girl, four for a boy

characters go here yeah?

Five for silver, six for gold

see one for sorrow...

Seven for a secret not to be told.

same as above whooo

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Magpie's Nest of Shiny Things Tumblr_moa7scKhKl1rf4domo1_500

Charlotte Abigail Kingsley
Age/Birthday: 15/May 5th
Gender: Female
Family: Her sister, Meghan, who transferred to Erudite; her father, Alistair, who's an upper-class businessman; and her mother, Anastasia, who's a housewife and the model of a perfect abnegation citizen. She also has a little gray cat named Paris who they took in off the streets.
Original Faction: Abnegation
Faction Transferred To: To Be Decided
Brief History: Her mother was always the perfect abnegation, and since she was a little girl, Charlotte strived to be just like her. She wasn't sure whether this was because she actually wanted it, or because it was taught to her and forced upon her, but it was all she knew. Charlotte has always struggled to live up to her mother's expectations, but when her sister turned 16, everything went wrong. Her father had arranged a marriage for Meghan for a little later in life and it had become a huge argument between them, one uncharacteristic of Abnegation walls. Soon enough came Meghan's time to choose her future faction and set course for the rest of her life, but instead of choosing Abnegation, as expected, she transferred to Erudite. Charlotte's parents and her parents' friends were aghast at what they saw as a total betrayal, and practically exiled her. Charlotte is now their only hope to regain their good family name and they're putting everything they've got into making sure she makes the right choice when the time comes, but lately Charlotte has been finding herself conflicted. She misses her sister, she hates the pressure from her parents, and she wishes she knew which faction she belonged in and whether she should stay in Abnegation or try to escape her parents.
Physical Appearance: Charlotte has always had a youthful, innocent look to her, and though she's never spent much time in the mirror, she knows that she looks a year or two younger than she is to some people. Her slender figure, wide light crystal-blue eyes, and long, wavy-straight white-blonde hair may have something to do with her general perception as young and naive. She's not that short compared to some, at nearly 5'5" (might change to 5'2") , but she's slender and she's been told that she looks shorter than she is. Charlotte's skin is creamy and fair with light peachy undertones, and although she hardly ever has time to reflect on it, if she did, she'd probably wish it was a shade or two more tan. Charlotte doesn't spend time on her appearance, living under extremely typical Abnegation parents who keep the mirror covered at all times. Once, however, her mother let slip that she looked very similar to how she used to look when she was young, a few weeks after Meghan left. Charlotte's most extravagant outfit consists of a simple gray button-down blouse, a knee-length gray skirt, opaque gray tights, and a gray sweater, but most of the time she wears long, conservative, even simpler clothing that covers almost all of her.
Personality: Charlotte has always felt torn between what she's been taught, and what she's not sure she really wants. She's always been on her best behavior, and it's getting exhausting. Her parents took Meghan's departure as a betrayal, but she took it as part inspiration, part omen of future punishment. With Meghan gone, the responsibility falls on Charlotte to be the perfect Abnegation daughter, but she knows that its her parents' fault and not her sister's. She doesn't resent Meghan, she admires her for breaking free. Still, Charlotte is terrified of rebelling against her parents in any way, and follows every rule in case they might guess that she wants to. She only speaks when spoken to, pays no attention to her appearance, and puts everyone else ahead of herself. Charlotte finds it a bit odd that Abnegation is supposed to be selfless, and people care so much about their reputation, but she'd never tell a soul. She has an active, intelligent mind, but she ends up being very quiet by trying to exhibit exemplary Abnegation behavior. The only rebellious thing she does is sneak out to see her sister on visiting days, and she feels terrible but secretly loves it.
Flaw: Charlotte finds it very difficult to stand up to people, especially her parents, and she's extremely indecisive.
Fears: Disappointing her parents, making the wrong choice, her parents finding out that she secretly goes to see her sister on visiting days.
Talents: Charlotte is a talented artist, and although she's only ever doodled on her papers in school, she could be a great painter if she was given the opportunity. She's also very sweet and likeable, and if she were ever to move to a faction where dancing for personal pleasure was acceptable, she'd be good at that.
Theme Song(s): 1. "Perfect" by Hedley
2. "I Don't Think About You Anymore, But I Don't Think About You Anyless" by Hungry Ghosts
Other: Sister played by Sor.


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Magpie's Nest of Shiny Things Tumblr_mkphijnSMS1s8rn8po1_500

Name: Katherine Ava Walker
Nickname: She's always gone by Katie and dislikes being called Katherine. When she came to Dauntless, she changed her name to Katie, so now only her family and close friends know her full name. She didn't feel the need to change it to something BA, because that's not who she is.
Age/Birthday: 18
Gender: Female
Family: Her oldest brother, Jet Walker, younger brother Logan Walker, and younger sister Alice Walker. Her father's name is Austin Walker, and her mother was Bianca Walker, but she died in childbirth.
Original Faction: Candor
Faction Transferred To: Dauntless
Brief History: Katie was the second child and first daughter to a Candor faction leader, after her brother, Jet. Her mother died during the birth of her younger siblings, Logan and Alice, and their father apparently dealt with his grief in the form of flirting and/or sleeping with every eligible, attractive, 20+ woman in Candor who he wasn't related to. He's not a bad father, but he spends more time being a player than he does with his children. When it came time for Katie to make her choice, she wasn't sure whether to leave, or go to Erudite to pursue knowledge. She got Erudite in her test, but went with Dauntless anyway, mostly to go with her family and partly because she wanted to challenge herself. Her brother was already a member of Dauntless and she could tell that Alice would seriously consider it. Katie doesn't regret choosing Dauntless, and found her place in the medical occupation. After a trying but relatively successful initiation that actually helped her discover things about herself she never knew, she started training under a transfer from Amity to be a healer. She eagerly awaits her siblings, who she is pretty sure will transfer to Dauntless as well, and hopes they will come to her for counsel if they have trouble during initiation.
Physical Appearance: Katie is average height, at about 5'5", and has a slender figure with not as much muscle as she'd like. She has fair skin with no freckles to speak of and medium-length, wavy honey-blonde hair that gets curly in high humidity. Her eyes are a lovely light aqua color that usually look light blue or gray but can sometimes take on a slightly green tint. Katie has what have been called 'kind eyes', meaning people generally assume she's a nice person based on the expression in her eyes. She likes to wear fairly casual clothing, and has a tattoo of the candor logo on her outer right ankle, and a dauntless one on her inner right ankle. She is considering getting some little ornate floral patterns tattooed on her wrist, curling up her arm like a plant, but nothing too extreme.
Personality: Katie's general first impression on people isn't exactly what you'd expect from a Dauntless. She's very sweet and compassionate and seems to be wise for her age, but don't be fooled. Katie is not weak-willed and although she can be fairly agreeable, she is not submissive in any way. Her heart lies with her family, and though she generally says she chose Dauntless to stay with her family, she does have a courageous heart. Her main Dauntless-like qualities come from her fierce protectiveness over her family and even though she's not the most ideal Dauntless, she's a talented fighter and she never gives up. Katie is a caring person who gives good life advice and sometimes ends up being the 'good cop' in situations where someone wants a second opinion. Some people have trouble believing that she's related to Jet Walker, but she doesn't mind. She uses being underestimated as an advantage and usually doesn't publicly retaliate if people accuse her of being too soft-hearted for Dauntless, but in private, she doesn't mind proving her worth to people by punching them or calmly hanging them over the Pit at night. She only really gets angry if you hurt or threaten her family, and will otherwise just patronize you a bit and purposely piss you off, or perhaps go with the old 'whoops did i let a mouse crawl into your intestines during surgery again silly me' if you really get on her nerves.
Flaw: People think of her as weak and don't take her seriously, and although she likes to use it to her advantage, this also means that she gets a lot of whispers behind her back. She doesn't mind so much, though. Her main weakness if her family. Should anything happen to one of her siblings, she would be distraught, and if one of them were at risk she wouldn't be able to think clearly. She would do anything for her family. She also would have trouble being ruthless, and has too much compassion for her enemies.
Fears: She is terrified that her family will get hurt in any way, which is her main fear. She's also afraid of really deep water, because it seems so dark and void-like and inescapable. Katie is not fond of failure either, and is terrified that she will one day not be able to heal someone, especially if they have birth complications. If she was helping someone give birth and something started to go wrong, she would panic and be almost completely useless. Katie remembers sitting outside the room where her mother was giving birth when she was two, helpless, and is scared of feeling like that again. She's terrified of situations where there is literally no hope or where she cant do anything to help.
Talents: Katie is a talented medic-in-training, much in thanks to her mentor, who transferred from Amity. Healing helped her find her place in Dauntless, since people get injured there all the time what with all the crazy stunts they do. She's also a much better fighter than she lets on, and she's wise beyond her years.
Other: Siblings played by Light, JonSnow, and Sor. :PAlso I might edit this later to make it a prettier form. xD


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Magpie's Nest of Shiny Things Tumblr_m8ylseIAt11rt2432

Name: Celia Grace Holland
Age/Birthday: 16 / June 19th
Gender: Female
Family: Her brother, Jace, is extremely popular in the district. Her father, Jensen, is very supportive of her brother and thinks he can do no wrong. Her mother is a very sweet woman who likes to knit. She was a transfer from Dauntless, but never liked it there, and now prefers to sit around all day knitting and baking because she can.
Original Faction: Amity
Faction Transferred To: ???
Brief History: Celia's older brother is definitely one of the more popular boys in Amity. He's been the talk of the town more than once, and always seems to be involved in a new scandal: "he and his girlfriend had a fight do you think he's available", "he kissed some girl at an underground party omg ikr so jealous", "he wishes he had switched to Dauntless and is considering going factionless omg what if he does i would cry", "he's going to be in the park today at four o'clock oh my gawd do you think he'll sign my face"... etc. He's not famous or anything, but he's certainly well known around the Amity kids, unlike Celia. Celia doesn't generally mind, but she sometimes feels as though she's not even a real person, just 'Jace Holland's little sister'.
Physical Appearance: At first glance, Celia is a very pretty girl. She's only about 5'4" at the moment, but everyone in her family is on the taller side, so she expects to grow soon. Celia has a slender but healthy body type and lightly tanned skin. Her eyes are a lovely light blue color that are set off nicely by her long eyelashes, angled eyebrows and high cheekbones. She has layered medium-to-light brown hair that falls to a few inches above her waist in soft, silky waves. Celia tends to wear fairly simple clothing, but doesn't mind dressing up every now and then.
Personality: Celia generally appears to be quiet and solitary when you first meet her. She's gotten used to being virtually invisible, and has adapted accordingly with an understated personality. However, Celia becomes more fun-loving and sweet as you get to know her better. She's a very nice girl, if a bit naive, and a friendly person. She likes to laugh and smile, and can always brighten your day, or at least have the patience to try until you fool her. Celia is clever and book-smart, but often too trusting of people. She's likeable if you continue to talk to her past 'is your brother here?'. She doesn't feel spite towards her brother for making her an less than an afterthought, but it bugs her slightly when people only refer to her in relation to her brother, although she'd never show it. She loves her brother, wants the best for him, and almost feels bad for him for having to live up to everyone's expectations. Celia has flourished under her veil, and she doesn't see why she should resent that.
Flaw: Celia has trouble finding herself and standing out. She tends to get swallowed up by other people with bigger personalities, and doesn't do anything to stop it, partly because she doesn't know how and partly because it's what she's used to. She also assumes other people are good, which can end badly when they're not.
Fears: She has a rather large fear of extreme heights, or anything over about 10 feet that doesn't seem secure. She tests herself with this, climbing trees and the occasional fence, but has never gotten very far. Luckily, this doesn't come up often, as if she were doing Dauntless initiation or something she would be pretty much screwed. She is also worries somewhere in the back of her mind that one day she will completely disappear and be consumed by her brother, but it isn't something that's present in her mind all the time. She also has several smaller fears that she hasn't really classified.
Talents: Celia has a great sense of optimism and is good at cheering people up when they're down. She also likes to read, write, and act.
Theme Song(s): 1. "I Don't Mind" by Imagine Dragons
2. "Beat of My Own Song" by Meme
Other: Currently complete and active but may be edited later. Razz



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Magpie's Nest of Shiny Things Tumblr_inline_mwmmok3okf1ro5h0q

Name: Adelaide Jane Holcroft
Nickname: She technically changed her name to "Sable" during initiation, but many people still refer to her as Adelaide and she doesn't particularly care.
Age/Birthday: 18 / September 23rd
Gender: Female
Family: Her mother, Carys Holcroft, and her father, Herman Holcroft. She also has two older brothers, Keaton and Carlisle. Carlisle transferred to Erudite and Keaton is currently recovering from injuries, but he usually offers personal training workout sessions to people who want to build strength and stamina.
Original Faction: Dauntless
Faction Transferred To: Dauntless
Brief History: Ever since she was little, Adelaide has been training to be the best Dauntless possible. Her parents were a little worried that she'd rather beat up a punching bag than hang out with friends, but they figured it'd make it easier for her later, during initiation. By the time Adelaide was 15, she was spending every moment of free time practicing technique or working out or doing target practice, and it was paying off. When the option the transfer came around, there was no doubt in Adelaide's mind that Dauntless was where she belonged, and she looked forward to proving it. Initiation started off fine, but not great. Adelaide had never wanted to be famous aside from being known as a great fighter, so she didn't have a problem with being only the third jumper towards the beginning. She didn't care about people knowing her name as long as when it did, by chance, come up, people were impressed and maybe a little bit afraid of her. But then came a boy named Kieran who was a transfer from Candor. He was desperate to prove himself, and wanted everybody in Dauntless to know his name. Kieran pissed Adelaide off from day one of initiation. He was second jumper and nearly shoved her off the building in his hurry to follow the first jumper, who he began to suck up to. When Adelaide beat him during a fight in training, he began to see her as a threat, and was convinced that she was trying to upstage him. Kieran threatened her, but Adelaide did not react, although she was tempted to snap his arm. He spread rumors about her to the other initiates, including the kid who had been first jumper and was the top pick of the initiates in their year. He attempted to sabotage her multiple times, and went out of his way to bother or insult her in whatever way possible. Adelaide didn't care much, and just took it in stride, which seemed to anger him even more, but she thought nothing of it. It was only when he managed to drug her and she ended up waking up hanging halfway over the Chasm that Adelaide realized this was a legitimate problem and she had to take action. He was trying to have her "fall" into the Chasm but was struggling to do so quietly and in a way that would leave him time to flee the scene before the noise from her impact. She was basically hanging backwards by her knees and he was lowering her down slowly. Adelaide swung her right leg up, catching him in the face before he noticed she'd awoken, and slipped one of her knees over the edge. She quickly locked her ankles together over the railing and hauled herself up until she could reach it with her hands. Adelaide maneuvered her way out with this and attacked Kieran, lugging him over to the edge and nearly shoving him over before someone intervened. The matter of who initiated the attack was never cleared up, but many people believed she tried to kill Kieran without any provoking because of what he'd said about her prior to the incident. Adelaide didn't mind, though, and Kieran later disappeared. It is unclear whether Kieran died, became factionless, or spontaneously turned into an ostrich and went off to live his life in BirdVille, but Adelaide doesn't care either way.
Physical Appearance: Adelaide wears black pretty much exclusively, and always carries concealed (or visible) weapons on her person. She only likes to wear clothes she can move and/or fight in. Her dark brown, nearly black hair is layered, fairly long, and straight. She nearly always has her hair up in a high ponytail to keep it out of her face. She has a medium to fair skintone and light greenish gray eyes that sometimes look hazel. Her body type is naturally slender but athletic from all her exercise, although not as much muscle as she'd like. She has a tattoo of an ornate, tribal-type design on her shoulder and one that is sort of a continuation of it on her waist and stomach.
Personality: Adelaide is a generally independent person, but doesn't mind working with certain others, although some people she seriously wants to strangle. She is intimidating, serious, and confident in herself. Adelaide is sneaky, not because she tries to be, but because she instinctively walks silently and people often don't realize she came up behind them until she comments on something they were saying to another person. She likes target practice and is always training in some way. She often seems to be emotionless or guarded, but it's more of her no-nonsense personality than utter lack of emotion. Adelaide can be violent, but she is efficient, organized, and clever enough to get the job done and know what she's doing. She's somewhat anti-social but slightly nicer than she'd like you to believe, and can occasionally be sarcastic or angry or nonchalant instead of dead serious. She doesn't mind other people being in pain even if she's the one causing it, or at least she doesn't act like it, and she basically never gives anyone a real smile.
Flaw: Adelaide is terrible at socializing and making friends, since most people annoy her, she doesn't show much emotion, and many find her intimidating. She is also overly confident in her abilities. Even though she doesn't actively think 'i'm better than everyone', she just automatically assumes that she is capable of whatever is needed. She subconsciously overestimates her own ability. Adelaide also doesn't usually work as well on a team.
Fears: Adelaide has a rather large and inconvenient fear of being in enclosed spaces where she can't move that she's been working on conquering in the fear landscape but is struggling with. This stems from her main fear of weakness, being helpless, or being unable to fight, which could come in the from of being severely injured as well. Adelaide is also afraid of failure, and has had a recurring simulation in the fear landscape that she doesn't quite understand yet where she's all alone in a giant dark room where everytime she tries to talk her voice gets swallowed up and everything just gets emptier and then there's a ringing and she screams and it changes. She's not sure what it's supposed to represent yet, but she's curious to find out so she can try to conquer it.
Talents: Adelaide has near deadly aim with a gun or knives, excels in hand-to-hand combat, and is very agile.
Theme Song(s): 1. "The Outsider" by Marina and the Diamonds. (certain lines...)
2. "Just One Yesterday" by Fall Out Boy (why not)
3. "You're Going Down" by Sick Puppies (on her workout mix? xD)
4. "Goin' Down" by Three Days Grace (kind of)
5. "Headstrong" by Trapt (because why not, so many good BA theme songs)
6. "Glory and Gore" by Lorde
7. [url=linky]im sure there will be more haha song title here[/url] by band
Other: Complete but may be edited later!

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Magpie's Nest of Shiny Things Tumblr_mz6tho7lRQ1s6htkio1_500

Name: Calliope Adeline Seung
Age/Birthday: 16 / May 4th
Gender: Female
Family: She lives with her grandparents. Her father's name is Jude, her grandparents are Millicent and David, and her mother's name is Meredith. Her older brother, who lives with her parents, is called Jae.
Original Faction: Erudite
Faction Transferred To: Erudite
Brief History: Her paternal grandparents are wealthy and well-known for their work on advancing the truth serum, but her father was a disappointment. He got failing grades in school, was always goofing off, and hated reading and logic. He wanted to change factions, but he found out that he had gotten his girlfriend at the time pregnant and decided to stay to raise the baby with her. His grandparents secretly paid the girl off to break up with him and they took the baby boy as their own, hoping that raising a child would teach Calliope's father some responsibility. However, they soon decided he was being a bad example for the baby and when he married another woman and had a second child, Calliope, they attempted to take full custody "before he had a chance to ruin this one, too." Her father resisted, but when Calliope got older, having already showed signs of being a child prodigy, she helped her grandparents sue her father for squandering her potential or something, and with the help of her testimony, her father's reputation, and her grandparents' money, she got sent off to live with her grandparents when she was 12. She was much happier there and has continued to thrive academically, but hates people who act like her dad and, in her mind, have no common sense.
Physical Appearance: boop
Personality: smart, cynical, pessimistic, logical, sassy, self-confident, witty, sarcastic
Flaw: kinda bishy, cocky, rude/blunt, thinks she's always right (most of the time she is, but this can also be a flaw in her record of always being right because she doesn't allow for possibility that she could be wrong in any way in her calculations)
Fears: she says she thinks fear is irrational but she's scared of being wrong, humiliated, or a disappointment above all. she's also terrified of getting bad grades but she knows that will never happen so she doesn't care as much. she hides her fears from others and believes they can be conquered by logic.
Talents: genius, manipulative, genius xD
Theme Song(s): 1. [url=link]"title"[/url] by band
Other: WIP, fc is suzy


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