Abnegation. Amity. Candor. Dauntless. Erudite. 5 Factions. Some will fit one. Some will be Factionless. Some will be Divergent.

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Strollin' Around the Pit

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26 Re: Strollin' Around the Pit on Sun Jan 19, 2014 9:43 pm

Lupa nodded. She understood personal, not wanting to get into the past. Then he steps closer, tells her not to tell anyone. She couldn't help but smile a bit more. "Don't worry, I get it. Your secret's safe with me."

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27 Re: Strollin' Around the Pit on Sun Jan 19, 2014 10:08 pm

Wolf couldn't help the smirk that crept up on his lips. He put his hand on her shoulder, surprisingly gentle, and said "Thanks...glad you understand." Coming from Wolf, who was thought to be one of the most bitter and angry people in Dauntless, touching someone on the shoulder should've been considered a hug.

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28 Re: Strollin' Around the Pit on Mon Jan 20, 2014 2:48 am

The last thing she expected was a hand on her shoulder, so naturally Lupa flinched. It didn't help that her shoulder was completely bare at the moment. And that she never really made physical contact with the opposite gender. And she also knew his reputation and what a simple gesture would mean. Her next natural reaction was a blush. "It's the least I could do," she said, keeping her eyes on the water below.

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29 Re: Strollin' Around the Pit on Mon Jan 20, 2014 3:06 am

Wolf realized he was touching bare skin and that she was uncomfortable. He retracted his hand and color began to come into his cheeks as well. "Well, um...I should probably uh...get going. Unless you wanted to talk more...then I could stay I guess." For once in his life, Wolf felt flustered. Then it clicked in him. This wasn't Wolf...this was Daniel, coming back. He didn't want Daniel to come back, not until he was certain about what had happened to his sister. However, it didn't seem he had a say in the matter.

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30 Re: Strollin' Around the Pit on Tue Jan 28, 2014 1:33 am

Lupa could tell that the encounter was over. It would just get awkward if she tried to make more conversation. And that was dumb. "I guess I'll see you around..." she said, meeting his eyes for a second, gave a smile. Then she turned and headed on her way.

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