Abnegation. Amity. Candor. Dauntless. Erudite. 5 Factions. Some will fit one. Some will be Factionless. Some will be Divergent.

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The New Recruits

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1The New Recruits Empty The New Recruits on Wed Jan 15, 2014 12:35 am


I am Jon Snow, 998'th Commander of the Night's Watch!

I am here to bring to train these New Recruits for the Wall. Now, introductions are annoying yadda yadda, so now we'll begin training. BRING IN THE FRESH MEAT!

The New Recruits Bo-Burnham_2641727b

Name: Daniel "Wolf" Stryker


Gender: Male

Factonless/Deceased Sister (Expanded upon in History)

Original Faction: Amity

Faction Transfered To: Dauntless

Brief History:
Daniel had always hated it in Amity. He didn’t fit in with the lifestyle of “peacefulness”. He was a daredevil. He would climb on type of buildings, steal from other farms, and usually get caught doing these things. He was reprimanded every time…he was caught that is. Most of the time he was however, and his parents would always have to heal his bruises and cuts that he got. He would also make scarecrows that he would pretend were for the farms, but instead used them to practice fist fighting with. He did this since he was around eight years old, very obviously violent. Years and years passed and it was time to the aptitude test. Not surprisingly to him, he got Dauntless. Next thing he knew it was the Choosing Ceremony. When he was called up, he didn’t have any second thoughts before he let his blood drip onto the sizzling coals of Dauntless. Everyone was shocked by his choice, which had made him smile…something he would later barely do.

It didn’t come to a surprise to Daniel when they had to climb onto a moving train and then jump out. He saw Dauntless doing that before and had mentally prepared him for it. However, nothing could’ve prepared him for the impact, as his legs had buckled under him and he fell to the ground. Out of the all the transferred initiates, he was the only Amity that made it off the train which didn’t surprise him. When he found out the next thing to do was to jump off a building, most others thought of it as suicide. He walked to the ledge and looked off seeing the hole. He backed up, straightening his out of place red and yellow plaid shirt, and ran forward jumping off and towards the hole. Some fear was definitely going through him then, but it was also accompanied by adrenaline and excitement and he yelled, but it was a yell of enjoyment. He went through the whole and noticed he was in a net and laughed. The instructor that helped him out thought he must’ve been crazy at first. When Daniel heard this he laughed again and said, “Nope. I’m just Daniel.” He felt a tremendous amount of pride that he had been the First Jumper as an Amity and most were shocked. However, they still underestimated his combat skills after he showed he wasn’t very good with a gun. After a while, though, he managed to be able to hit the target easily.

He was happy in his new home with his new clothes, instantly getting a tattoo when they had free time. He got a snake down his right arm, slithering around a sword. He didn’t get a piercing though. He wasn’t ready for that. Something he did do, however, was change his last name from "Birch" to "Stryker" to show that he was a new person. He made some friends in the transfer group, one from Abnegation and the other two from Candor. They were later told of the three stages and there was the first fight. Daniel was ready for his first fight, being very apprehensive of this moment. He was facing a Candor transfer, not one of his friends. The Candor boy underestimated the “Amity twerp”. However, Daniel surprised everyone once again and knocked the boy out cold with only taking a few hits. He won every fight from there, almost getting beat his Abnegation friends.  When it came time for paintball, he took charge of the team he was chosen for. The Dauntless initiates objected at first, saying they would prefer to just launch a head on attack when they found the enemy camp. Daniel decided give up on that…or at least, that’s what he had them think. After they found the camp and launched the attack, Daniel had half of the rest of the group stay at with the flag and took the other half to go around the camp. The other team was too busy fighting off their teammates, so they were able to run in and get the flag. Daniel’s friends gave him the honor of taking the flag. That was the proudest moment in his initiation, everything else seeming so small.

The rest of the tests were practically a blur compared to the physical tests, the test of the mind being slightly daunting, but that didn’t matter. For he was Dauntless. When initiation was over, he was ranked third among all the other initiates. He was officially a member.  The first two chose to work as a weapon maker and with the security force, surprisingly. He didn’t understand why, but he didn’t question them. Daniel chose to work with the leaders. An Amity ranking third overall in Dauntless initiation…looking back on it, it seemed more like a dream than reality. A few weeks after initiation ended, it was his birthday. He celebrated it only with the girl previously from Abnegation since his Candor friends failed initaiton. It was a sad thing, but it could’ve been worse he supposed. The next year came a lot more quickly than he would’ve thought. Daniel decided to not go to the ceremony that year. He wasn’t ready to see his parents…even if his sister was sixteen and was to choose this year. He wasn’t ready. It wasn’t until visiting day that he had the bad news. His parents had come, he thought for him, but it turned out they came for his sister. He realized what that meant. That she was dead or factionless. He tried to ask the initiates about her, but none of them remembered. He was devastated, knowing it was his fault because she wanted to join him. If he didn’t leave she never would’ve followed. She might’ve still been having a happy life…from that point on, he turned serious, all the joy he ever felt just being a bitter reminder. He isolated himself from his one friend who stuck by him the whole time…and he never felt guilt. He is never seen smiling, and the only thing that comes close is a slight smirk…he never thought he would feel the same again. He has gained the nickname "Wolf" after having been called a Lone Wolf since he used to be in a pack, and now, he is usually alone.

Physical Appearance: Daniel stands at a height of 6’1 well muscled from his days with the Dauntless. He has light blue eyes and shaggy blonde hair. He has a tattoo along the back of his right arm showing a snake slithering around a sword. He’s usually seen with a black muscle t-shirt that shows the tattoo, black combat boots, and black pants. Daniel also got a piercing on his right ear where he keeps a gold silver stud.

Personality: Daniel has become very bitter since the death of his sister. He has a very limited sense of humor and has barely laughed since then as well. He doesn’t like to socialize with anyone that much and takes things very seriously. Even his friend from Abnegation couldn’t get to him, and it has also been rumored that they dated for two months before “the incident” as Daniel calls it.

Flaw: He can be too bitter and not socialize enough.

Fears: Daniel fears meeting his sister again, if she’s still alive and factionless. He secretly fears that he will cause harm to his loved ones which is why he now stays away from most people. He fears that he will be rejected once more by his peers. His biggest fear however, is water. He was always careful when it came to the falls at the Pit, scared to even touch it. He was no problem drinking it, as he feels he’s in control. It’s just the ocean and fast moving currents that scare him.

Talents: Daniel is strong, swift, and has remarkable leadership skills.

Play-by/FC is Bo Burnham

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2The New Recruits Empty Re: The New Recruits on Wed Jan 15, 2014 12:46 am

0_0 that history.... but uh, accepted!

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OMG. like, you are going to be writing my bios from now on right?? Ok cool (:

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