Abnegation. Amity. Candor. Dauntless. Erudite. 5 Factions. Some will fit one. Some will be Factionless. Some will be Divergent.

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Meet Ace~ (shall make a character collection thingy later xD )

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Name: Alice Le
Age/Birthday: 17
Gender: female
Family: Daughter of Kerry and Jordan Le. Youngest sibling of Theresa and Justin.  
Original Faction: Erudite
Faction Transfered To: Dauntless
Brief History: Alice was always a good girl on the outside. She did everything she was told, made good grades in school, was the smartest in her class, was polite, etc. But secretly, she wanted to be more than just brains. She wanted to physically strong as well as mentally strong. Alice was raised in a well-rounded and upper-middle class family. Both her older siblings were both valedictorians and so were her parents. Jordan, her father has a political position in the Erudite faction, and her mother was a scientist that created, and worked with the different types of serums. Once she turned 16, Alice, like every 16 year old, took the aptitude test. She used her brains as well as her fear to complete the test and was given the results of Dauntless. Of course she chose her faction over her family, even though she did love her family, she couldn't stand being an Erudite anymore, but she promised to always visit her family.
During her initiation,  she struggled at first, but after a good deal of practice she got really good and ended up getting fourth place overall the initiates, born and transferred. After passing initiation she chose to become a tattoo artist, and began working hard to become one of the initiate teachers.  
Physical Appearance: Alice is about 5’2 and has light skin. She has naturally straight dark brown hair, but she had dyed it to an orangey red color. Her hair falls to her mid back. Her body is toned from all of her training, and even though she is petite, she can pack a punch. Alice also has chocolate brown eyes that contrast against her light skin.
Personality: Alice is naturally a really sweet and caring girl, but she can easily switch to her bad a** side. She is also very defiant and that is where her Erudite past time shows up. Alice also tends to be somewhat of a know it all at times; however, at most times, this makes her very protective of her friends and those she cherishes and loves. Others see her as cold as ice, but those close to her see her as warm and caring.
Flaw: over thinking, worry wart, stubborn as a mule
Talents: dance/ gymnastics, and drawing
Other: goes by Ace c: (Model: Jai from Miss A)

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Hi there! It's Rainy Pie (super secret hidden birdy codename, shhh xD) from THG, of course, and it's tiiiime to take a look at your first Divergent character! Whoo!

Alice seems to have only one problem, which is that you mentioned she worked as a Dauntless initiate trainer, and we haven't sorted all that out yet. Once we get enough people and characters, we'll probably have a choosing day thing (totally blanking on what it's called) and get the initiates all ready, and then have people apply for initiate trainer positions with their characters around then. We'll keep your name in mind. :POther than that, your character is accepted! (Please just remove the trainer part until we get that started and then you'll be put under consideration.) Thank you and enjoy the site!

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alright~ changed it!!! and thank you so much!!

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