Abnegation. Amity. Candor. Dauntless. Erudite. 5 Factions. Some will fit one. Some will be Factionless. Some will be Divergent.

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Name: Katy Thomas

Age/Birthday: 17/ May 5

Gender: Female

Family: Brandi Thomas (Mother)Kendrick Thomas (Father)

Original Faction: Dauntless

Faction Transfered To: Amity

Brief History: She has been born and raised in Dauntless, but she does not have the heart of Dauntless. She was always picked on and teased for her peaceful, non-violent ways. Her parents were the only ones who reached out to her and cared for her, and they were also the ones who didn't care on what faction she picks. So during Aptitude Testing Day, she got Amity, but is afraid to tell her parents, so she never told them. So on the Choosing Ceremony, she chose Amity, her parents were shocked, but they just smiled at her, proudly. She was sorry about leaving them, but she wanted to leave Dauntless, thinking that she is not fit for it.

Physical Appearance: She has shoulder length dark brown hair, with a few streaks of blonde, green eyes and stands up to 5'5. She has a slim build, and not-too-fair skin. Her style is a casual, usally comprising of red or yellow dresses, or jeans with a red or yellow shirt. She also likes rubber shoes and flip-flops.

Personality: She is very peaceful and non-violent, so she is very fit for Amity, but will defend someone if they are bullied, fought, etc. She is planning to be a caregiver since she is very fond of kids, and one of her hidden traits is being nurturing, and she doesn't even know it! She also is very fond of sketching, the arts, and the like. She doesn't like fighting, but will fight for someone who needs protection. She does like running sometimes, and she says it refreshing, with the wind against her face, the carefree movement, She just loves it, and you could say that being born and raised in Dauntless left a mark on her.

Flaw: She is very sensitive. She can take any physical attack, but any kind of verbal attack, even a little teasing, is enough to make her burst into tears.

Talents: She has the following talents:
~She is very nurturing
~She is also pretty good at medicine


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Katy looks fine, but she needs four sentences for both personality and appearance. Smile Welcome!

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