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I'm definitely bored. (O P E N)

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1I'm definitely bored. (O P E N) Empty I'm definitely bored. (O P E N) on Mon Jul 09, 2012 6:05 pm

Skylar Day

I'm definitely bored. (O P E N) Tumblr_lyipmqGF2z1qf3c5io1_500
"You don't want to cross me."
I walked out of my apartment and locked the door behind me. I ran downstairs to the lobby. The lobby was a bit ratty. The entire apartment building was. But, this was Dauntless. It wasn't like they were going to decorate anything, and it definitely wasn't like anyone really cared. My fiery red hair waved in the wind as I walked outside. My combat boots made "Clonk, clank!" sounds on the gravel. I sat on a bench and put one leg up on the bench bent, the other hung with my heel on the ground. My studded bracelets jingled. I watched the people walk by. I was definitely bored. I hugged my bent leg to my chin and looked up at the sky.
A grin reached my lips as some kid tripped. I frowned again as the kid got up and kept walking. I almost hoped someone would sit down next to me. Then again, I didn't want anyone to interrupt my train of thought. Still, I was bored. I popped a piece of spearmint gum in my mouth. I scowled at the little kids passing by, trying to scare them. I sighed, I was so bored.

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