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Site Rules! *MUST READ*

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1Site Rules! *MUST READ* Empty Site Rules! *MUST READ* on Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:39 pm

will define you.
can also get you banned from the site.

Rules of the Forum

1. Be nice to one another.

2. Keep everything at a PG to PG-13 level. (Fade to black if you must, try not to curse every three words, no curse words that are extremely offensive, etc.)

3. By using the site you agree to follow these rules.

4. Do not spam, or double post. There's an edit button for a reason. If your topic has been inactive for a while and you want to bump it up, you may do so once, but do not triple post. The multiple posting rule does not apply in your own character thread, although we urge you to utilize the edit button there as well.

5. Do not plagiarize or copy other writing. If you want to quote something, give the original author credit.

6. Do not bully/fight/insult others and try to keep arguments outside of RP to a minimum. If you have a problem with another user, notify a staff member via PM and we will work it out.

7. Do not try to find loop holes in the rules, and accept that if staff tells you something is not allowed, just because it's not literally listed here does not necessarily mean you get to keep doing it.

8. If you break a rule, you will either receive a warning, be put on probation, be banned, or receive some other consequence from staff. We will generally warn you if it s your first offense, but if you break a really serious rule, you will have a more grave consequence.

9. Try to have at least 4 sentences in a post.

10. You may have up to 7 characters (charries). There is no strict limit to how many you can have in each faction, but we'd love to have the factions semi-equal, or at least each have enough characters to roleplay.

11. Do not role play before your character has been accepted by a staff member.

12. No overly sexual content, however relationships between charries are allowed. Try to ask users before you romantically pursue their characters (If your topic gets to the point where its just kiss post after kiss post after kiss post, we will get annoyed and might ask you to do something else. If your topic gets too inappropriate, we will post a warning on your thread. Just because we might put the warning in RP form as a character coming in and telling them to stop doesn't mean it's not an actual warning.)

13. No god modding (insanely powerful characters) or power playing (playing someone else's character).

••••PM an admin if you see someone breaking a rule••••

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